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  1. Najora says:
    hom·i·cid·al (hŏm′ĭ-sīd′l, hō′mĭ-) adj. 1. Of or relating to homicide. 2. Capable of or conducive to homicide: a homicidal rage. hom′i·cid′al·ly adv. homicidal (ˌhɒmɪˈsaɪdəl) adj 1. of, involving, or characterized by homicide 2. likely to commit homicide: a homicidal maniac. ˌhomiˈcidally adv hom•i•cid•al (ˌhɒm.
  2. Arakus says:
    Homicidal is used to describe someone who is dangerous because they are likely to kill someone. That man is a homicidal maniac. Synonyms: murderous, deadly, lethal, maniacal More Synonyms of homicidal.
  3. Moogurisar says:
    homicidal meaning: 1. likely to murder: 2. likely to murder. Learn more.
  4. Mautaur says:
    homicidal definition: 1. likely to murder: 2. likely to murder: 3. likely to murder. Learn more.
  5. Mezitilar says:
    Synonyms for homicidal include murderous, bloodthirsty, deadly, lethal, bloody, brutal, death-dealing, ferocious, sanguinary and savage. Find more similar words at.
  6. Malarr says:
    May 08,  · People with homicidal thoughts might feel the way they do because they lack power and control in their lives. The fantasy of hurting others is a power-based fantasy.
  7. Tygogis says:
    Jun 29,  · This video examines #homicidal as an #adjective. Here, 7 adjectives, which have meanings similar to that of homicidal in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms.
  8. Mikazragore says:
    Homicidal is arguably his best film, a devious little Psycho knockoff with all the right ingredients: a sleepy Southern California town, a beautiful blonde with icy eyes and a thing for knives, a mute old woman in a wheelchair, and a deep, dark secret involving a repressed, awkward young man still haunted by the abuses of his dead father/5(86).

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