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  1. Golabar says:
    The American Foxhound is sweet, affectionate, gentle and loving at home, but also a brave and intense warrior in the hunt. They are excellent with children and get along well with other dogs because of their pack-hunting background, but should not be trusted with non .
  2. Akinogal says:
    Foxhound definition, any of several breeds of medium-sized hounds trained to hunt foxes and having a glossy coat in combinations of black, tan, and white. See more.
  3. Shakagore says:
    foxhound definition: 1. a type of dog with ears that hang down and short, smooth fur that is usually black, white, and. Learn more.
  4. Mikakazahn says:
    American Foxhound history is both specific and, in a manner of speaking, presidential. The breed has its roots with an early American settler named Robert Brooke, who sailed from England in the mids; Brooke brought a pack of hunting dogs with him--and those dogs (believed to have been mostly English Foxhounds) are the original ancestors of all future American Foxhounds.
  5. Dajinn says:
    Foxhound definition: A foxhound is a type of dog that is trained to hunt foxes. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  6. Arashigami says:
    Definition of foxhound: any of various large swift powerful hounds of great endurance used in hunting foxes and developed to form several breeds and many distinctive strains — compare american foxhound, english foxhound Examples of foxhound in a Sentence.
  7. Fauzilkree says:
    The English Foxhound makes a stately family member, and desires human or canine companionship. They usually get along well with horses, dogs, children, and other pets. They are avid sniffers and trailers, however, and need daily exercise in a safe area. This breed is tolerant, amiable, and gentle, even though they are not very demonstrative.
  8. Dilkis says:
    fox·hound (fŏks′hound′) n. Any of various medium-sized short-haired hounds developed for fox hunting, especially the English foxhound or the American foxhound. foxhound (ˈfɒksˌhaʊnd) n (Animals) either of two breeds (the English and the American) of dog having a short smooth coat and pendent ears. Though not large (height about 60 cm or 23 in.
  9. Fegrel says:
    The foxhound is a scent hound, which finds and pursues its pray using its superior sense of smell, and works well in a large pack with other dogs. They are tenacious, intelligent and have bags of stamina, as befits a working life of hunting all day.

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