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  1. Gardakazahn says:
    Deterioration may refer to: Worsening of health; Physical wear; See also. Decadence (disambiguation) Degeneracy (disambiguation) Deteriorata, a parody of Desiderata; Decay; Decline; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Deterioration. If an Authority control: NDL:
  2. Mikashura says:
    If the economy continues to deteriorate, it will affect the firm's future performance. Sales will decrease as economic conditions deteriorate. Working conditions in the industry continue to deteriorate. deteriorate .
  3. Aram says:
    Other articles where Deterioration is discussed: ice in lakes and rivers: Thinning and rotting: In the spring, when average daily air temperatures rise above the freezing point, ice begins to decay. Two processes are active during this period: a dimensional thinning and a deterioration of the ice crystal grains at their boundaries. Thinning of the ice layer is.
  4. Voodooran says:
    deterioration: noun abasement, abrasion, atrophy, caducity, consumption, corrosion, corruption, debasement, decadence, decay, declension, declination.
  5. Akijas says:
    Deterioration of motor function is a hallmark of senescence in humans and other mammalian species. The similarity of age-related motor deterioration to the symptoms of Parkinson's disease has focused research efforts upon the basal ganglia and particularly the nigrotriatal dopaminergic system.
  6. Nisar says:
    Define deteriorating. deteriorating synonyms, deteriorating pronunciation, deteriorating translation, English dictionary definition of deteriorating. v. de·te·ri·o·rat·ed, de·te·ri·o·rat·ing, de·te·ri·o·rates v. tr.
  7. Katilar says:
    Deterioration, in the context of corrosion, is a loss in the properties of a material by chemical interaction with the environment. Harmful effects of deterioration by corrosion can include: Reduction in metal thickness leading to mechanical/structural failure or breakdown.
  8. Malagami says:
    deterioration: Downgrading of the effectiveness or physical characteristics (color, consistency, odor, etc.) of a substance due to faulty packaging or abnormal storage conditions.

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