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The Real Meaning Of Sacred

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  1. Totaur says:
    Sacred definition is - dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity. How to use sacred in a sentence.
  2. Kijar says:
    May 25,  · Yup, French-American familiar with moults gros mots many bad words:D chiming in to agree that it means "sacred lady", i.e., Marie/Mary the mother of Jesus. France was (is) Catholic historically, and you may have heard of the swear word "sacrebleu". "The phrase originated from the swear words "sacré bleu", a Marian oath, referring to the color (i.e., "sacred blue") associated with .
  3. Ninos says:
    Jun 07,  · Dr. Raymond Turner preaches to congregation of Temple Missionary Baptist Church in San Bernardino on "The True Meaning of This Sacred Gathering from I Corinthians
  4. Zuhn says:
    sacred | Origin and meaning of sacred by Online Etymology Dictionary. SACRED Meaning: "to make holy" (c. ), from Old French sacrer "consecrate, anoint, dedicate" (12c.) or directly from. See definitions of sacred.
  5. Shakale says:
    Om is often called pranava, the sacred syllable, because it symbolizes Brahman and the essence of spiritual reality. Traditionally, it’s been taught that using Om illuminates the mind and brings about an image of bright rays of light. It connects individuals to others by acknowledging that we are all human.
  6. Shataur says:
    Sacred Secret An aspect of God’s purpose that originates with God, is withheld until his own time, and is revealed only to those whom he chooses to make it known. — Mr ; Col
  7. Mazugar says:
    ‘Many people report that they benefit from reading poems or sacred texts silently or aloud, and taking a few moments to quietly reflect on the meaning that the words bring to mind.’ ‘Their contact with the outside world is limited to the annual festivals to which the public is invited, and the reading of sacred texts at funerals.’.
  8. Moogukinos says:
    My work is dedicated to the sacred geometric nature of existence. It is my belief that through geometry we can gain a greater awareness of the true meaning of life. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, there are mathematical relationships that underlie the fundamental structure of our universe.

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