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On Her Way Out

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  1. Tarr says:
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is seen by many Democrats as "part of the problem" for their party in Congress. (Reuters photo)The high point for House Democrats came in , when Nancy Pelosi, the first-ever woman Speaker of the House, won re-election by a margin over then-House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).
  2. Yozshugul says:
    Mar 20,  · She is on her way out, having said she won’t run again next year. So she’s a lame duck, but not roasted yet. Ms. Merkel’s middle way of confronting the Author: Elizabeth Renzetti.
  3. Yotaxe says:
    Jan 27,  · ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” booth could undergo a massive rebuild in The network is reportedly considering moving Jessica Mendoza out of .
  4. Shaktilabar says:
    On her way out, Nikki Haley takes a last jab at Donald Trump On a serious note, Nikki Haley delivered a sharp rebuke of Donald Trump’s divisive politics, saying opponents are not evil.
  5. Maushura says:
    Jul 18,  · Elizabeth Warren: ‘Wicked smart’ and on her way out. Elizabeth Warren, the Obama administration adviser on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has been bypassed to .
  6. Tum says:
    She turned, on her way out of the locker-room, and shot a quick glance at Sidney. And on the way out he lived up to the letter of their agreement. If there was any way out only the Four-Footed People knew it. So on my way out to the temple I stopped and left a warning.
  7. Yocage says:
    Jun 23,  · On the way out of their house, Morris loses her balance and falls down the front steps on top of her already injured ankle. As it turns out, her bone is shattered in seven places. Her trauma.
  8. Mule says:
    Nov 10,  · Is British leader Theresa May on her way out? Why that’s the fear — and why it matters Published: Nov. 10, at a.m. ET.
  9. Kaziktilar says:
    on the way out. phrase. If something or someone is on the way out or on their way out, they are likely to disappear or to be replaced very soon. The British seaside holiday is apparently on the way out. He is rumoured to be on the way out of professional cycling following a disastrous season. See .

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